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Sometimes an entire new roof is not the answer. We are experts in all types of residential roof repair and maintenance. We put quality, attention to detail and dependability into every repair, so you can rest easy in your home knowing you made the right decision.

Inspection, insurance, and roof repair

The drone inspection process

Why is the inspection free? What's the catch?

There isn’t a catch. You pay insurance premiums to protect yourself from financial loss. Roofwell inspects your roof for storm damage. We inspect your roof for damage and, if we find any, we meet with the insurance adjuster to show the drone footage of what we found — down to every detail. This ensures nothing is missed or ignored. Ultimately, your insurance adjuster decides to approve or deny the claim.

How long does the inspection take?

Your free drone inspection typically takes 20 minutes. You do not need to be home for the inspection. We schedule an appointment that's convenient to you to show you the report and what we found. 

Will you have to climb up on my roof as part of the inspection process?

We do not need to get onto your roof to inspect it — that's the beauty of this process. Roofwell uses advanced drones paired with storm damage detection software.

Insurance usually covers hail, wind and storm damage

My shingles have a lifetime warranty — does it include hail damage?

No, the lifetime warranty for your shingles covers manufacturers defects. Insurance protects your investment from storm damage. 

My roof is new/old — does that matter when it comes to insurance coverage and repairs?

Storm damage can occur to a roof of any age. 

Will my insurance premiums go up if I file a storm damage claim?

No, there was nothing you could have done to prevent the storm. You did not place your home under its path, and there’s nothing you can do to prevent future storms either. Homeowner insurance premiums are determined by the damage caused by recent storms and the risk of future storms. Premium increases are by geographic region, not an individual homeowner’s claim.

What if there’s minor damage but I don’t want to fix it because I have a high deductible — what’s the risk?

Most insurance policies require the policy holder to report suspected damage to prevent further damage.

Do I need to be home when the insurance adjuster does his or her inspection?

You or your contractor needs to be present if there is interior damage or to your structure or property. It's very important that one of our expert roof technicians meets your insurance adjuster at your property to act as your advocate. We will make sure all storm damage is documented and you receive everything your insurance policy provides.

What will a new roof cost me?

Under most homeowner policies, your only out-of-pocket cost will be your deductible. If you choose to make upgrades to your roof, you will be responsible for the cost of the upgrades.

Replacing your damaged roof

Do you replace the whole roof or just the damaged parts?

Sentry Roofwell replaces the entire roof. Typically, the insurance company either pays to replace all of the shingles or denies the claim completely.

Can I replace my damaged roof with a different or better shingle?

Most insurance policies cover shingles of like type and quality. You may pay the difference to upgrade the shingle. 

How quickly can I get my roof replaced?

The insurance claims process normally takes between one to four weeks from start to finish. How quickly the insurance company processes the claim is the primary factor.

Is Roofwell a certified installer?

Yes, we are certified with all of the shingle manufacturers we install, including GAF, Firestone, and CertainTeed. 

Do you also handle gutter damage?

Yes, we can quote full gutter and downspout replacement.

Do you use subcontractors?

Yes, most residential roofing companies use subcontractors. We have long-standing relationships with our subs. They are all trained to manufacturer specifications and local building codes and are fully insured. Sentry Roofwell warranties all work performed.

Should I get multiple estimates once my insurance company approves the roof replacement?

No, it's not necessary. Insurance companies create their estimates using standardized pricing data from local, reputable contractors. Homeowners should be extremely cautious of low estimates. What's more, a contractor who offers to submit an incorrect invoice is potentially committing insurance fraud. Your roof cannot be correctly replaced to manufacturer's specifications or building codes for below the insurance company’s estimate. Additionally, the insurance company will keep any difference between its estimate and a contractor's lower estimate — the homeowner does not get to pocket the difference. Insurance companies may leave some items off their initial estimate until the proof of completion has been submitted by the contractor. This proof is called a supplement.

Can I pay Roofwell by credit card?

Yes, most homeowners will use the credit card that provides the most cash back or points.

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