April 5

When To Replace Roofs 

Do you know when to replace roofs and when to contact professionals about your roofing concerns? Determining when a roof should be replaced can be done in a few ways. The national average life span of a roof is 10-15 years, but in areas like Atlanta, Georgia that experience a significant amount of severe weather this is often cut short. Many homeowners will have inspections performed as their roof gets on in age to ensure it is still in proper working order or decide if it is time for a replacement. Another way homeowners are able to tell it is time for a new roof is if they are able to spot latent defects such as leaks, sagging, cracks, or missing shingles. Once roof defects become so obvious that they are easily identified by an untrained eye, it is usually time to consider a replacement. It is crucial to the performance of your roof and the maintenance of your home to stay on top of roof care and have inspections performed as soon as concerns arise. This will help you plan for replacement and give you an idea of what state your roof is in and how much life is left in it. 

If you need a free inspection and professional help deciding when to replace your roof, Roofwell can help. Roofwell employs a team of well-rounded craftsmen and roofing experts, specially trained to understand the conditions your roof sees year after year and how to work with your homeowner’s insurance to keep your replacement costs as low as possible. 

Roofwell, having served the needs of customers in the greater Atlanta area since 1982, has deep experience with the wide-ranging climate that affects homeowners’ properties here and enjoys first-hand knowledge of the conditions that affect this area of the country. Homeowners and property developers put their trust in Roofwell because they are local and also experience the same conditions, their customers do. 

Roofwell puts their customers’ needs first and their quality assurance makes them the go-to roofing experts in North Georgia. 

Benefits working with Roofwell provides you: 

• 40+years of local knowledge and experience 

• Veteran owned and operated 

• Expert trained craftsmen with field experience 

• Use of highest quality roofing materials in the industry

• Cost-conscious locals that understand the lay of the land 

• Customer service focused professionals well known in the region for quality and integrity 

• In-depth, honest, free roof inspections 

Learn More About When To Replace Roofs with Roofwell

Understanding when to replace roofs is one of the reasons customers choose to work with Roofwell. If you want an honest assessment of your roof to help you determine when to pursue replacement, Contact Roofwell here to schedule your free inspection and get in touch with roofing professionals in your area.


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