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Best Time Of Year To Replace Roofs 

When is the best time of year to replace roofs? Typically, the best time of year to replace roofs is during Fall. The weather during Fall (Autumn) is considered ideal because the average temperatures are between 70ºF and 80ºF, which is generally helpful when using the types of adhesives involved in the installation of roofing materials. Many adhesives require warmer temperatures to activate the chemicals within the products, ensuring your roofs adhere correctly to the frames. For this reason, Fall can be a busy time of year to replace your roof and it is important to contact your local roofing professionals early to make sure their teams can fit you in to complete your roof replacement project. 

Spring is also a favorable season to replace roofs because temperatures are comfortable, but often Springtime will have many more wet weather events that could cause delays in completing projects.

Summer and Winter are the less favorable seasons for roof replacement projects for a few reasons. Often the heat of summer is too much for workers and it can be extra dangerous to their health. Likewise, winter is usually too cold and equally dangerous because roofs can be very slippery to walk on and nail down materials like shingles. The cold winter months can also interfere with roofing adhesives causing shingles to not properly adhere. 

However, the best time of year to replace roofs is going to be different from one case to the next. The best time of year for you is going to be when it works for your schedule and budget or will be determined by how urgent your need for a new roof is. No matter what season it is, if you have concerns about your roof, think it may be time for replacement, or would like a free inspection to better understand what condition your roof is in, Roofwell can help!

Roofwell’s Expert Team Provides Benefits Including: 

  • 40+ years of local knowledge and experienced
  • competitive cost structures that minimize your expenses while maximizing quality
  • Highest quality roofing materials in the business 
  • Highly skilled craftsmen
  • Veteran owned and operated local professional craftsmen
  • Insurance advocacey – Roofwell will work with insurance companies on your behalf to maximize the value of your  policy
  • Free, honest, in-depth roof inspections 

Do You Want To Learn More About The Best Time Of Year To Replace Roofs? 

If you want to find the best time to begin your roof replacement project, Contact Roofwell Here to schedule a free inspection or get in touch with roofing experts in your area today!


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